"Compact Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR-C) was designed by Remington to replace M4. It is a light-weight modular weapon with good balanced specs. Also equipped with 40-round PMAG magazine."


The ACR-C is a Tier 5 premium assault rifle.


Fire stabilization isn't needed for this gun but can really help you in tasking it faster. If fire stabilization skill is learned and the player is crouching, crosshairs will not spread even when constantly fired.

The ACR-C has the accuracy and damage of an AR, but the high fire rate of a SMG. Use that to your advantage: close range spraying, long range bursting.

It is recommended to have a 15+ dmg addition to this weapon since it has a low damage stat, putting its damage at 50. Plenty for a 2 shot kill at mid range. With all the recoil control skills, the gun's recoil will drop down to 1 when tasked.


The W-Task for this weapon is to score 150 Longshots with the ACR-C. Upon completion of the task the player will unlock the ACR-C SOCOM. This version of the weapon comes with an EOTech holographic sight and a silencer to make the weapon statistically different.

The W-Task is very good since it will give you a collimator. Also, the damage reduction of the weapon is nothing since it performs well enough for high level servers and hardcore.


This weapon will be customizable
This weapon will be customizable with the next update. Remove this section once the update is there and create a customization page instead.

With the next update, the ACR-C will get customization. According to the pictures below, you'll be able to modify it with optics, sights, silencers, muzzle brakes and tactical devices, as well as camouflages.


  • There is an error in which if a player crouches and aims down the iron sights at the same time, the iron sights will appear not to be correctly aligned.
  • Original ACR was made by Magpul. Civilian model was redesigned by Bushmaster(launched as Bushmaster ACR), and military model was made by Remington(launched as Remington ACR-C). The version on contract wars is ACR-C, made by Remington.