"Kalashnikov assault rifle,shortened and with folding stock, AKS74U (Ksukha, Ogryzok) - Shortened virsion of AK74 rifle, was developed between 1970 and 1980 years. It was designed for tank crew and paratroopers. AKS74U is reliable and compact automatic weapon."


The AKS-74U is a tier 1 Assault Rifle.


The AKS-74U is a fully automatic assault rifle. It has mediocre accuracy, average damage for an assault rifle, moderate recoil, a moderate fire rate, decent mobility and low reload speed. The gun has below average range for an assault rifle,

The AKS-74U can be used like a high-powered sub-machine gun, at times, due to its above-average mobility. Unfortunately, its low ammo capacity, coupled with its low reload speed and moderate fire rate, make this weapon sub-standard for dealing with multiple consecutive enemies in a short amount of time. Another major drawback is the substandard accuracy and damage, which makes it hard to use in medium-to long-range maps.

At it's hefty 18000 credits for a tier 1 weapon, the AKS-74U delivers sub-standard performance and has some of the worst characteristics of assault rifle and SMG combined. For a new player, It is highly advised that they invest in the KAC PDW for the assault rifle role and the Kedr SMG for the run-and-gun role. However, with a proper skill tree and customisation, this gun can be as deadly as any weapon if used by a skilled player. Also, the different conditions in HardCore Mode can make a huge difference.



Accuracy.pngAccuracy +5
Recoil.pngRecoil −4
Mobility.pngMobility −9
Damage.pngDamage −6
Penetration.pngPenetration −5

By Achieving 75 headshots, you unlock a PBS-4 suppressor and a Kobra collimator for the assault rifle. It lowers mobility for a less recoil and more accuracy. With the PBS and the Kobra the AKS-74U becomes a lot easier to use at range. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the AKS-74U. See AKS-74U/Customization for more information.

Tasking the AKS-74U is merely a matter of time. To task it, play on maps with frequent close quarters combat, like Bay5 or Bay7.

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