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"Third special modification of VAL assault rifle done by Norvinsk Brigade specialists. Improved ergonomics, shortened dimensions, extended mag, LMT and Aimpoint collinator sight."


The AS VAL MOD.3 Spec is the unique assault rifle of the assault skill tree.


The AS VAL MOD.3 is a fictional second generation heavy modification of its cousin, the AS VAL Kobra, which includes shortened integrated silencer, custom all-barrel rail and forward grip. It combines some of the best characteristics of the AS VAL and SR3 series, including the excellent high-damage/firerate model of the SR3M, integrated silencer of the AS VAL, while having same penetration, high mobility and fast reload. All of these characteristics are offset by a combination of relatively low base accuracy and high recoil. However, since the AS VAL Mod.3 is equipped with an AN/PEQ laser sight and the CompM4 red dot sight by default, its actual starting accuracy is 75, extra 15% longer range, starting recoil is 66 and starting mobility is 62, which are average-decent for an assault rifle.

This combination of statistics and features emphasizes the AS VAL Mod.3 as a high-powered close-to-mid ranged stealth weapon for aggressive players, requiring frequent burst firing to make the most out of its high damage and firerate, and almost guaranteed one-shot capability at all range against targets without FORT Rosich armor. However, like the AS VAL Kobra and VSS Vintorez, one of its biggest downside is shooting at close range will reveal the player on the minimap despite having a silencer. Therefore, it is recommended to keep distance between the player and the target, or reserve the gun for HardCore mode where minimap is disabled when sonar and mortar are not being used.

As the second most expensive SPEC weapon in the game after the Saiga FA, the AS VAL Mod.3 delivers excellent performance especially when enhanced with skills in normal mode, and remains a very viable competitive package for close-to-mid ranged HardCore firefights.


The AS VAL MOD.3 Spec is customizable with sights, silencers and tactical mods. See AS VAL MOD.3 Spec/Customization for more information.


  • As with every SPEC weapon, resetting your skill tree will lock the gun but you are given half of the GP for unlocking it. Use your discretion if you don't think you need to use it again (or for a long time)
  • Compared to the price of the Saiga FA , the MOD.3 is cheaper, costing less GP and SP.


  • The AS VAL MOD.3's firing sound is the same as the AS VAL Kobra as heard from other players, yet in the first person they sound much more different, the Kobra having a higher pitch than the MOD.3
  • The AS VAL MOD.3 arguably has the most attachments unlocked; it comes with a silencer, tactical device, and sight. Although it doesn't affect gameplay, the foregrip is also used.
  • The AS VAL MOD.3 does not exist in real life. A similar model of the gun however, seems to be in another one of the game developers' project, Russia.2028. It's possible that when Russia.2028's development stopped, they had recycled the gun model and placed it in Contract Wars.
  • The AS VAL MOD.3 original uncustomisable version is the only weapon in the game that had both a Klesch tactical laser/light and AN/PEQ sight equipped.