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Achievements are a feature in Contract Wars. As players progressing through the games, achievements will be unlocked and will reward players with various amount of CR depending on each achievement.

If one viewing their own profile, the achievement with the highest progress will be shown indicate it nearly complete.

There are total of 60 achievements can be completed alongside with 5 classified achievements.

Achievement is divided into 2 parts: Weapon-related and Miscellaneous.

Press Ctrl + F to search for the achievement you wanted.


There's a template, Template:Achievements, that should be used to display the achievements one can unlock using a gun.



e.g writing
{{Achievements|Angel of Death = 1|Angel of Death II = 1|Shadowgunner = 1|Sniper = 1}}
will result in


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Angel of Death AchievementAngel of Death700 longshots with snipers8000 CRLogo
Angel of Death II AchievementAngel of Death II3500 longshots with snipers35.000 CRLogo
Shadowgunner AchievementShadowgunner200 headshots with silenced weapons3000 CRLogo
Sniper AchievementSniper100 doublekills with snipers25000 CRLogo


Premium weapons

Achievement name Requirement Reward
Glock Expert 200 headshots with Glock 18

7000 CR

Raging Judge Expert 200 headshots with Raging Judge

7000 CR

MP5SD6 Expert 200 headshots with MP5SD6

8000 CR

AKMS Expert 200 headshots with AKMS

10.000 CR

TKPD Expert 200 headshots with TKPD Storm

13.000 CR

SR3M Vikhr Expert 200 headshots with SR3M

15.000 CR

TKPD Sniper Expert 400 longshots with TKPD Sniper

19.000 CR

MK14 EBR Expert 200 headshots with MK14 EBR CQB

10.000 CR

Pernach Expert 200 headshots with Pernach

9000 CR

EBR Sniper Expert 200 headshots with EBR Sniper

12.500 CR

AS VAL Expert 200 headshots with AS VAL Kobra

18.000 CR

GSH-18 Expert 200 headshots with GSH-18

10.000 CR

AEK Expert 200 headshots with AEK

10.000 CR

Desert Eagle Expert 200 headshots with Desert Eagle

10.000 CR

DT SRS Expert 400 longshots with DT SRS

10.000 CR

DT SRS mk.2 Expert 200 headshots with DT SRS mk.2

10.000 CR

Enforcer Expert 200 headshots with Enforcer

10.000 CR

G36C Expert 200 headshots with G36C

10.000 CR

P90 Devgru Expert 200 headshots with P90 Devgru

10.000 CR

USP Match Expert 200 headshots with USP Match

10.000 CR

MP5SD Spec Expert 500 headshots with MP5SD Spec

50.000 CR


Achievement name Requirement Reward
Old School 600 kills with pistols

5500 CR

Recon 450 kills with SMGs

4000 CR

Gunman 900 kills with assault rifles

6000 CR

Sharp End 300 kills with knife

5500 CR

Hunter 600 kills with shotguns

7000 CR

Angel of Death 700 longshots with snipers

8000 CR

Angel of Death II 3500 longshots with snipers

35.000 CR

Destroyer 150 kills with grenade

3500 CR

Suppressor 1000 kills with machine guns

7000 CR

Shadowgunner 200 headshots with silenced weapons

3000 CR

Sniper 100 double kills with snipers

25.000 CR

ER Master 75 double kills with knife

70.000 CR


Achievement name Requirement Reward
Merc Kill 50 enemies

500 CR

Player Win a match

300 CR

Operator Win target desination match 75 times

7000 CR

Sonar-maniac Spot 2000 enemies with sonar

15.000 CR

Mortar-maniac Kills 500 enemies with mortar

10.000 CR

Contractor Win 100 team wins

4000 CR

Spetsnaz 100 double kills in near-death condition

10.000 CR

Veteran Make 100 prokills

30.000 CR

Quadkiller I grade Make 150 quadkills

20.000 CR

Quadkiller II grade Make 750 quadkills

75.000 CR

True Expert Play the game for 1000 hours

40.000 CR

Expert 1st grade Play the game for 300 hours

40.000 CR

Expert 2nd grade Play the game for 100 hours

10.000 CR

Expert 3rd grade Play the game for 24 hours

5000 CR

Nemesis Make 75 double headshots

23.000 CR

Nemesis II Make 700 double headshots

95.000 CR

Triple killer Make 50 triple kills

6000 CR

Gunsmith 1st grade Complete 20 w-tasks

15.000 CR

Gunsmith 2nd grade Complete 10 w-tasks

5.000 CR

Gunsmith 3rd grade Complete 5 w-tasks

1000 CR

VIP Kllr Kill 400 VIPs

20.000 CR

Jaeger Make 50 double kills with IZH

10.000 CR

Prokiller I grade Make 2000 prokills

150.000 CR

Prokiller II grade Make 1000 prokills

75.000 CR

Prokiller III grade Make 300 prokills

40.000 CR

Classified achievements

Main article: Classified Achievements

Beside main achievements, the game also features other achievements as Classified Achievements. These achievements cannot be viewed through ingame profile and only appears once players doing them.


  • MP5SD SPEC is the only SPEC weapon to receive an achievement.
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