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===Combat Tips===
*Enemy Operators - It can be useful against operators, killing them in one shot to the chest or head in close quarters combat. Other maps can help, like Station etc. It can also help when you're in a Team Elimination match, running up to the VIP in a very close distance and doing a " shoot'n'slash " combo, decreasing his health and killing him instantly.
*Quick, clean, effective - Also good for Target Designation matches, quick and well placed shots make a quick termination of enemy operators, even in a situation you can't control. In a map like terminal, with all the containers blocking the opponent's vision, if one has enough quick reactions he can put them out quick and good.
*Aim for the head! - This tactic is useful against armored enemies and sniper, and for head-on attacks, it consists of aiming the whole reticle at a player's head, then shooting while leading the target, tactic by HeadlesHorsemann
==Weapon Statistics==
==Weapon Statistics==

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Benelli M3 Mod 2

Benneli M3 mod.2

A view of Benelli M3 Mod 2

Pump action modification of a 12 gaugeBenelli shotgun. Entry shotgun that is used with buckshot ammo for indoor combat operations. Perfect weapon for a short and close quarter combat. It costs 18,000 CR. It is located in the second weapon set.

Attachments / W-Task

W-Task ( Weapon Task ) is an attachment available for the Benelli M3 Mod 2 shotgun and becomes the Benelli M3 Mod 3.  Armsech tactical suppressor, a special multi-chamber silencer for shotguns, it muffles the shot and hides the flash of the weapon. You can achieve the attachment by making 8 doublekills with this weapon. The attachment also affects
Benelli Silenced

a view of Benelli M3 Mod 2 with w-task attached

this weapon by:
  • Recoil - -2
  • Mobility - -3
  • Damage - -25.5

Weapon Statistics

  • Accuracy - 20.                                                     Ammo capacity - 7 mags, 5 rounds ( 5 / 35 )
  • Recoil - 150. ( 148 with attachment )                      Ammo type - 12 gauge buckshot
  • Damage - 170. ( 144.5 with attachment )                Penetration - 20
  • Fire rate - 3.                                                         Damage 0 at 65 meters above
  • Mobility - 77. ( 74 with attachment )                       Damage 170 at 30 meters below
  • Reload speed - 60.                                               Durability 40 / 40
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