• Mr. Mysterious Spyman

    I have recently created a buff suggestion for the AS VAL Kobra. I will be creating buff suggestions for other weapons in time. I will not be creating nerf suggestions for any weapons.

    Accuracy = 83 (-2)

    Recoil = 45 (+5)

    Damage = 55

    Penetration = 55

    Fire-Rate = 44 (-1)

    Mobility = 68 (-14)

    Reload Speed = 72 (-1)

    Damage Fall-Off = 90%

    Initial Effective Distance = 30 meters (+10 meters)

    Final Effective Distance = 60 meters (+10 meters)

    Magazine Size = 18 rounds

    Reserve Ammunition = 126 rounds (+54 rounds)

    Accuracy = 83 (+3)

    Recoil = 55 (+12)

    Damage = 50 (+1)

    Penetration = 35 (+5)

    Fire-Rate = 33 (-2)

    Mobility = 75

    Reload Speed = 87 (+3)

    Damage Fall-Off = 90%

    Initial Effective Distance = 30 meters (+15 meters)

    Final Effective Distance = 60 meters (-5 meters)

    Magazine …

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  • Tebstor

    Все кто читает это сообщение, я вас призываю вернуться в игру.

    Последние 2 года читеры заполняли игру, но после того как читеры разогнали всех игроков ушли почти все игроки включая читеров, но игроки начинают возврощяться, но читеры тоже, но их очень мало, а сейчас макс. онлайн 1000-1500 игроков в день когда раньше былло 10000-20000 игроков все забросили игру , а многие даже забыли про неё хотя у них был аккаунт с донатом. Где вы ребята надо вернуть игру в топ т.к. это уникальная игра с развивающимся и меняющимся гемплеем, но если мы не вернёмся в игру все труды Питерской компании были напрастно!(  Кто сейчас из игроков вспомнит место где была спрятана посхалка на 1000голосов в контакте? НИ КТО к.т. все стрые игроки это знали, я на днях вст…

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  • TheZocker

    I guess I'm back

    September 29, 2018 by TheZocker

    After something of a 2 year long absence, I'm back to playing Contract Wars (after migrating the only account whose password I could remember to a Standalone account and creating a new one shortly after) and thus back to editing the wiki. Not sure if anyone's still around at all, anyway, I'll be online semi-regularly from now again and will react to messages, update stuff if there's anything to update, et cetera et cetera.

    See ya around.

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    June 13, 2018 by

    how reliable it is to buy in contract wars??

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  • Darkbloodknight

    New Page

    March 27, 2018 by Darkbloodknight

    CW has made a official forum page at

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  • CoolKG2


    September 10, 2017 by CoolKG2

    Look is anyone alive in this page?I havent seen ANY post here since 2016.I mean i still use dis bootiful wiki.Is there a Hired Ops page?Also idk iif this wiki is abandoned or not i just think im the only one here...

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  • Tux0n0

    It Has Begun! HiredOps

    October 22, 2016 by Tux0n0

    Well, Heya Guys!

    AbsolutSoft Finally released it! Hired Ops is here! It got officially released on Steam. It's now time to incorporate the HO stuff into our wiki and well... keep the work up. I'm still waiting for Vahnsuk to come online so we can talk about how we will arange that with the incorporating (so you still need to wait some time, Sry! :F).

    Stay tuned, i will come back if something new happened!

    Plans for now:

    Well... hi again... After i talked a bit with Vahnsuk a bit we diceded to wait untill HO gets fully released because many weapon stats and features are likely to change. So, no HO stuff for now.

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  • Vahnsuk

    TL;DR: CW will die, but wikia may have new life with Hired Ops. You must be fluent in English before you edit posts.

    New rules:

    1. No edit is too short.
    2. Edits without the "minor edit" tick MUST contain a summary.
    3. Be fluent in English before editing pages, otherwise make a comment instead.

    I know this is way the heck overdue, but since many people didn't get the cue, the Wikia's administration and therefore (most) bureaucratic rights has changed to me, Stuter, and Tux0n0.

    I'm making this blog to state the issues that the game and its wikia currently have, and will likely have in the very near future. It is clear the end of Unity3D support is nigh, and with it, Contract Wars. I fully expect activity on the wikia to dimishish shortly after this.

    For on…

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  • TheNecro115

    Looking for Admins.

    August 16, 2016 by TheNecro115

    Hello there! My name is Necro and I have been on this community for two years now. Along the way, I worked on the english version of the game's wiki and soon enough I got promoted to admin, along with TheZocker, to run it after Glock moved on. But I have also moved on. With the lack of fixes basic game mechanics and lack of communication from the developers and better games out there. Enough of the BS, let's get to the point.

    So now that I have lost your attention, there are only two admins and most pages are locked, I am looking for admins. There are several things you need to fufill to be an admin.

    1. You have to be a reigstered user on Wikia.
    2. You have to have more than 20 edits on the wiki (I will verify if they are real edits)
    3. A pssion for th…

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  • TheNecro115

    EDIT:Glock game me to bureaucrat rights. I will now be looking for Admins.

    For a very long time me and TheZocker have been inactive for long periods of time and editing infrequently. I cannot speak for TheZocker but I am going to explain why I have been so inactive.

    I have lost passion to play Contract Wars for a year now maybe more. I have little interest in editing on this Wiki. In addition, the developers have been inactive for while. Since me and TheZocker are editing very inconsistently, I am requesting Bureaucrat rights on this Wiki.

    I have made an adoption request which can be found here where I hopefully can get these ​​rights so I can promote you users to edit and update the Wiki more frequently. If I do get rights, I will make anot…

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  • DELStudios


    July 26, 2016 by DELStudios

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  • Lukamaster


    June 18, 2016 by Lukamaster

    I wanna sell my acc lv 42 Got every cr gun to set 4 also have glock 18 and mosin nagnat for 15 $. If you are interested email me.

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  • Tux0n0

    "Keep out of range of newbies and noobs. High self harm tendency." Yeah, thats the title of this blog where we (or just me :( ) select the weapns that should be kept faaaar far away from noobs, newbies and other people that would never be able to handle these guns! (make some suggestions, but im starting XD)

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  • Kevunicornslayer

    i am making this blog post to review the updates needed for this wiki. theres several new customs and a new gun and a new map that need to be added.

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  • AlesLXrecordSs11

    please CZ?

    January 5, 2016 by AlesLXrecordSs11
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  • Shadows XXX

    Dark Dynasty X

    December 18, 2015 by Shadows XXX

    One thing you have to know before you read this is to never underestimate me.Since i will annihilate you within seconds  because of my Darkness.Many people quit playing contract wars when they see my ACTION.

    To me this is not a game

    To me this is a Mission i have to  accomplish.

    My secret Clan will dominate all the clans and all the players including the Developers themselves.

    Players like Xinya,Luftangreifer,MarshalOne-Gaming, and Akito((Popular players who make youtube gameplays of Contract Wars)) had a clan war with us and lost several times.

    They call us Hackers  where as the sober fact we are Dark Players who oppose other players by Dark attacks

    Not Magic But Dark Kills

    We let the Weak players(Noobs) join our clan and raise them as Legends w…

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  • TheZocker

    Feedback December 2015

    December 17, 2015 by TheZocker

    The year 2015 draws to a close, and soon it'll be time for New Year's resolutions. Thus, I hereby ask for feedback regarding my work as admin. If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions for me: I'm all ears! If you want to tell me what I should improve, or maybe even thank me, that's the right place.

    I think I am accountable to you, the wiki's community, so here's a little report of what I did and what I am planning to do next year:

    I've introduced a bunch of new templates, such as CR, Achievements, PremiumPrice, Description and others. I created a bot account, that updated most of the weapon's pages with new infoboxes, fixed most of the broken links to pages beginning with "HK" / "H&K" and tagged pages as "Stub", "Underlinked", "Or…

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  • ColJMcClane

    Weapon Customization

    December 1, 2015 by ColJMcClane

    Rumor has it that ALL weapons will be getting a WC. Is this true, is it not? Here, we discuss issues, ideas, and even your own heavily modified weapons.

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  • TheZocker

    Some templates I've made

    November 11, 2015 by TheZocker

    I've created a few templates, to unify the design of this wiki. Some things, like currencies, descriptions or introductory sentences differ from page to page.

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  • Ghostreaper33


    November 2, 2015 by Ghostreaper33

    IS ANYBODY GOING TO TALK TO ME HERE I AM SO BOREDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ghostreaper33


    October 29, 2015 by Ghostreaper33

    I will be here if you want to talk to me. I will talk about anything you want and I will tell you the complete truth. Even if you wantecause you are bored I will be here and get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Ghostreaper33


    October 29, 2015 by Ghostreaper33

    Hi all i am at school and i am in lunch and it is 12:29here and I am so BORED IS ANYONE FEELING MY PAIN!!!!!!!

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  • Ghostreaper33

    Contract Wars

    October 29, 2015 by Ghostreaper33

    Hey everybody nice to meet you.  I hope that you will talk to me and I hope that you will like me. I think that contract wars is cool and all but i think it is to hard to get the gp and the sp but mostly the gp so if anybody can tell me a easy way to get more gp or sp while playing the game or something like that please tell me.  I will be looking forword to your response.

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  • Shdwdemon

    Shdw's Tips

    October 27, 2015 by Shdwdemon

    So I've read all the tip pages on the wiki and have decided to contribute my own tips. Similarly to many people here I am not the most pro player you'll meet in game, however I play fairly well with some habits I've picked up over the time I've played. So, let's completely disagree with every page on this wiki shall we?

    A) Pick a weapon that suits your play-style, but if you're a bolt action sniper this may not be the game mode for you. With changing spawns this means it is very easy to get overwhelmed if you have only a low fire rate weapon when people come from multiple directions. Assault Rifles would be my go to weapon for this as they have good range and their damage isn't low at distance.

    B) Camping is a controversial topic. There are …

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  • Bogiez

    Most op secondary firearm

    October 26, 2015 by Bogiez

    What is the most OP secondary?

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  • ColJMcClane

    Hey guys, I mainly joined to make this already good wiki a better place! I was hoping that we could all work together to finish the job!

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  • TheZocker

    After the majority of our users (78.95%) voted for Yes, the feature "Require all contributors to log in" got enabled.

    The result is quite obvious: Almost 80% of our users would like to restrict editing to registered users only. In the comments of this blogpost you can discuss about pros and cons. The discussion will end on 5th October 2015. Try to stay polite and factual.

    --TheZocker (talk) 12:46, September 28, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RealNoNamer

    What gun to get?

    September 22, 2015 by RealNoNamer

    I do pretty good antistacking (around a 1 K/D) but nothing too impressive. I know what really matters is your skills level (which is getting better for me), but having another "noob gun" would be helpful. I currently have the G18, Thor, ACR, SR3M, 9A 91 FSB, and the MP7 SKK. as my main guns and the rest of my GP guns is the AK74, PMM12, PPSh, DT SRS and the EBR MM. 

    I am currently saving GP (damn surveys), so what do you reccomend?

    Also this may or may not be cus im a completionist and want that "PM is OP plz nerf" badge. GOT EM

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  • IH23

    New Map delayed

    September 13, 2015 by IH23

    Well we all know that there will be a new map however it will be delayed for next update due to the map not being completed


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  • IH23

    CW on minilcips

    September 12, 2015 by IH23

    Well hi, im IH23 i play on kongregate and i am the owner of FEAR clan. and this is my first post on wika i had a other account but forgot user and pass (4-5 months ago) however lets get to the poing.

    Well on the social networks you should add miniclips because contract wars is now on miniclips aswell. 

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  • TheZocker

    New Template:Achievements

    September 10, 2015 by TheZocker

    I made a new Template: Achievements. This template is still work in progress. It's meant to replace all those (sometimes broken) hand-made tables used for displaying achievements (Example 1, Example 2).

    . The template automatically adds the header Achievements.

    The code above will result in the following table:

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  • TheNecro115

    New InfoBox

    September 10, 2015 by TheNecro115

    So I have made a new InfoBox based off TheZocker's "Map" Infobox, an example can be showed here. Now below I posted how the new InfoBox will look like when used. I want people to vote on it. So I will add apoll that will be on the fron page and hopefully people will click on the link to see it. When I see an obvious answer (majority against or for the new InfoBox), will act accordingly. If it pretty close or tied, I don't know what to do but I will think of something. So here is how the new InfoBox will look like:

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  • Momentum2000

    I mean, really. It's a cr weapon on Set-1, which costs under 4000cr. Yet, it sometimes is still eligible to have a person with Glock18 to be killed with. I mean, seriously? It almost gets a "free" silencer for tasking it buy just doing 5 ragekills with it. APS should be nerfed,  its damage should be somewhere in between 60-70, accuracy over 90, fire rate around 70-75, and mag capacity up to 35. Wait, was I talking about giving it a "buff"? Sorry. I meant to say buff instead of nerf. APS should be buffed.

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  • DeinVadde4


    July 3, 2015 by DeinVadde4

    Hey Guys it will be nice if you look at my youtube channel called: BrickOpsHD Thx

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  • Kyle Layton

    Contract Wars has many types of killstreaks, these are:

    Good question. As far as I have experienced, you must require 4 basics if you want to do killstreaks. Those are :

    1. Adequate ammo
    2. Does not trigger detection
    3. They detect people
    4. Patience

    The first one, ammo, of course! If you are a beginner to killstreaking, I highly recommend you that you play on a team match and not round-based (TargetDesignation), it increases your chance to kill as well as cuts time, and also, saves a gazillion of ammo. I highly recommend that you try with a sniper rifle first, doing stormkill or prokill. Because it only requires like 30 rounds top. 40 if prokill. And with an assault rifle, you can burst out your ammo real quick if you are inexperienced. If you are good wit…

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  • TheZocker

    I'm playing Contract Wars for about a year now, and during this time I collected some ideas for improvement. Here they are:

    • The roulette algorithm could be improved so one would only win camos for guns one owns and win only guns one doesn't own.
    • If one would win a (GP) gun on roulette he'd own it for 1/5/30/permanent (depending on difficulty of w-task, the tier and the price of the gun) days if he manages to complete the w-task during the given time of 6 hours.
    • Assists should be displayed (as in Team Fortress 2), not this way:
    • Foregrips should be added to customization (maybe for the 'tactical mod' slot).
    • I'd be happy if there was some kind of editor for map creation by the community. Maybe a 'Best map will become official map'-contest. Not ve…
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  • TheNecro115


    May 24, 2015 by TheNecro115

    After 2 weeks, (maybe) I decided that I'm back. I had some rough things going on in my life and it caused me to rethink certain things. I realized that the real reason why I quit was not because of the game (mostly), it was personal issues. I guess I'm back.

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  • TheZocker

    I unlocked lots of pages for editing, so registered users can edit them. Wikis aren't supposed to be edited by admins only. All weapon's pages are unlocked for registered users now. Everyone who uses this for spamming or vandalism will be banned from the wiki. 1st time for a week, 2nd time forever.

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  • TheZocker

    Yesterday, I visited Contract Wars' facebook page. There I read, that the As Val Mod.3 will get customization. About 90% of the comments said 'customization sucks', 'goodbye beloved mod 3', 'i hate customization', 'u guys nerf the guns people hate customization', 'PLEASE STOP THAT pleayers don't like customization', Don't make a mistake and ruin a really good gun' etc. So my question is, what do you think about customization?

    My opinion: Customization is a great feature. Some guns got ridiculous recoil (e.g. M4A1 Custom), but I still love the feature. It was logically the next step after W-Tasks.

    • Example: The KAC PDW: I used customization to add the sight from the W-Task, without adding the silencer.
    • Example: H&K MP5K: I used customization to…
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  • JusticeTuna

    Youtube Channel

    May 16, 2015 by JusticeTuna

    Hey I just started a youtube channel and my main topic is Contract Wars! Just Check me out and see if you like my content and tell me if there is anything I should improve on!

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  • Unkhowman

    As a normal CW player, I tend to use walk mode everytime I shoot to ensure accurate fire. I find (or at least, feel) that when I enter walk mode, my mouse sensitivity when ADS is halved. This happen even when I stand still and it makes me unable to 'snap' to target quickly if the target move. I'm not sure if this is a feature(?) of the game or it's just me who's too sensitive over things. If it's just me, I'd like to hear some suggestion for solving this problem, thank you.

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  • Wikia96
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  • PbHero

    Hey Everyone! PbHero & VerdictFPS here!

    I want to go ahead and share some tips that’ll help anyone who wants to be a good player in Contract Wars. I’m not a high leveled player (as of this post, lvl 31), but I have played plenty of matches to learn from my mistakes. So I’m going to try and give as much tips that I can that I hope will help a lot for when you play in any match.

    (This page will be edited as I level up and my performance improves.)

    Weapon Selection and Combat:

    I have seen and heard many conversations about which weapons are the best, worst, ok, etc. I'm not going to argue, but I believe that any weapon in Contract Wars is good,provided you know how to use it. No two assault rifles are the same, and no two players are the same. Th…

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  • UberSatan

    Ok, I know everyone wants tips. Seriously. Even me. Now, i'm not even a good player, I know how to keep my K/D up and do any weapon task or contract.

    1.) Don't always try to go close quarters. That's how quite a few people take their K/D down to 0.67's and such. It's not that it's bad, but certain people just can't do it. If you want to be a close quarters person, here are some weapon suggestions: IZH-43, mp5k, bizon 2-b, Veresk, PDR-C, hk146c, mp133, saiga 12k, skorpion evo 3, vector, mp7, p90, 9a-91, x95-r.

    You may have noticed those are all CR weapons. GP weapons for CQB are: Mosina*, sr3m, as VAL kobra, KSG, g36c, MDR, UMP45, p90 devgru, orsis t-5000*, Vityaz, saiga 12k FA, and noveske diplomat. I don't use pistols except for my trusty …

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  • TheZocker

    Every time I edit a site I automatically follow it. How can I un-follow a site?

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  • TheZocker

    Use WeaponsBox!

    March 5, 2015 by TheZocker

    I am currently browsing the wiki, and some pages use simple tables instead of WeaponsBox for the weapon statistics. In case anyone reads this, please use WeaponsBox. It's used this way:

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  • TheNecro115

    For all those who wonder why the ACR-C, Mosin, Shpagina, and Orsis T-5000 has been removed. I don't know why they have been removed, probably people that they were OP, but they were. If you bought any of these guns then you would keep them. The guns will only be available to buy during special events according to the develeopers. Hopefully I answered your questions.

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  • TheZocker

    TheZocker's tips

    January 14, 2015 by TheZocker

    Just some tips written by me. Important: These tips are not facts, it's just my opinion! TheZocker (Talk)

    • Before you buy a weapon, open this wiki and look for the repair costs! Some weapons are very, very expensive to repair! e.g. the AWM-F costs 3,800 . per repair point!
    • Don't spray and pray on far distance! Aim wisely on the head since headshots can kill anyone in a blink of eye!
    • If you got the sniper skill tree: When shooting over a great distance, stand still and sit down (C-Key). This increases the accuracy of your weapon. Also press shift button (it is the focus /sneaking mode) which really significantly stabilize you shots! Also aim directly on the heads of your enemies!
    • Use. The. Iron Sights.
    • Know the maps! Try to play every map at least …

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  • Syre13

    any questions?

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  • Foepgames2

    SA 58 OSW, new gun which is being prepared for the update it is based of FN FAL

    The name is FAL OSW (DSA-58 OSW - Operational Special Weapon) and it got folding-stock, shorter 330 mm barrel, paratrooper version. Origional facebook post. have fun with looking at it and playing with it when it comes out :D

    link to the official facebook post

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