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There are five classified achievements in total with rewards ranging from 750 CRLogo.png to 1000 CRLogo.png with the most rewarding ones being very difficult or very time consuming.

Requirements and rewards

Let's look at the classified achievements from the one rewarding the least, working the way up.

Icon Name Reward Description/requirement
Dark Star 7500 CRLogo.png 150 handgun longshots.
Spades Cross 10000 CRLogo.png 200 kills with last bullet in mag.
Silver Snake 35000 CRLogo.png 40 triplekills with less than 10 health.
The King 37000 CRLogo.png 50 stormkill headshots with last bullet in mag.
Dragon star 100000 CRLogo.png 30 stormkills with last bullet in mag and less than 10 HP.


  • For easier Spades Cross: When you switch IZH-43 to dual shot mode every kill counts towards the achievement.
  • For easier Spades Cross: Use the Thor pistol, as it has only 1 shot, so every shot counts towards this achievement.
  • For The King achievement: If you use IZH-43 as mentioned above, just aim for heads it's the most efficient way to progress through the achievement relatively quick.
  • For The King achievement: If you use the Thor, then every stormkill will count towards the achievement.