"The Colt Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a lightweight, gas-operated, drum magazine fed, 5.56mm automatic light machine gun, based on the battle-proven M16/M4 series of rifles, with unique design and elements."


The Colt IAR is a tier 2 premium light machine gun.  It respectively costs 50 GP for 1 day, 180 GP for 5 days, 450 GP for 30 days, and 675 GP to permanently unlock.


The Colt IAR, a modified high-capacity, long-barreled version of the M4 rifle from tier 4, inherits the M4's relatively high accuracy, low recoil (especially lower visual recoil than the M4) and very good rate of fire. As an LMG, the gun has an extremely high ammo capacity with plenty more in reserve. This makes the Colt IAR an excellent mid-long range suppression weapon, thus making it fairly easy to complete its W-Task. Like all LMGs, the trade-off with the high ammo is low damage, mobility, and painful reload speeds. The Colt IAR is meant to be used as a support weapon, suppressing enemies from any range with the help of your teammates. However, if one can flank effectively, the Colt IAR can easily take down an entire team in a short period of time.

The muzzle flash when aiming sights is a huge obstruction without proper sights and muzzle attachments, and thus will block most of your view without using clan thermals.


To acquire the W-Task for the IAR, one must achieve 100 doublekills with this weapon. The IAR with the W-Task equipped is renamed to the IAR Specter, which will add Specter optics to the gun. This allows the gun to be a viable long-ranged combat choice. However, a W-Task completion is not necessary to be able to access its customization tree.
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