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Not to be confused with the DesertTech MDR.

"Desert Tech DT MDR-C (Micro Dynamic Rifle Compact)- latest bull-pup assault rifle from Desert Tech. Equipped with 30-round 5.56x45 magazine and compact collimator sight"


The MDR-C is a Tier 3 premium assault rifle


The DT MDR-C can be considered as a combination of an assault rifle and SMG, featuring some of the notable characteristics of both worlds. From a statistical viewpoint, the MDR-C is most similar to the H&K 416c rifle, featuring a medium-low damage but high firerate of an SMG. While the weapon's high recoil makes burst firing highly recommended, it's high mobility allows for a solid hit-and-run play-style. Furthermore, it has high accuracy even for an assault rifle, and decent minimum damage capable of killing most target with one headshot at all range. This AR-SMG hybrid makes the MDR-C an excellent all-rounder for most ranges, even in situations like Old Sawmill. Like the H&K 416c, it has stats similar to that of the Noveske Diplomat, and as such can be played very similarly with it.

By default, the MDR-C comes pre-equipped with a Leupold Deltapoint compact collimator sight. A major drawback with the MDR-C is its ammo capacity, only having a measly 5 magazines. The low ammo count plus the high firerate will quickly deplete your ammo, so it is recommended to use magazine skills from the destroyer skill tree if one plans to use this weapon frequently.


The MDR-C's W-Task replaces the default delta sight with an EOTech XPS-2 holographic sight, another considerably clear collimator. This also unlocks the task metalevel tree containing the SilencerCo Osprey silencer at metalevel 3, which will significantly reduce its mobility but allows for a much more viable all-range stealth play-style. The third metalevel of the task also contains a legendary camo.