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"Legendary and classic Degytarev machinegun from 1944 year, modified by DS arms company. High caliber means high damage, huge magazine capacity is also a good opportunity to suppress the enemy"

— Description.

The RPD is a tier 6 light machinegun.


The Degytarev, or more commonly known as the RPD, is a very powerful machine gun. Comparing to other weapons in the LMGs category, it is very accurate, has high damage, low recoil, and a moderate fire rate, making it a great choice for close-midrange support and suppression fire. For a machine gun, it has moderate mobility and the weapon's reload is very sluggish. It also got a big ammo supply of 400 rounds and a maximum of 700 rounds with skills and clan skills.


  "Additional modification of RPD with reflex sight that allows the operator to use it in tight combat situations."

— Description.
AccuracyAccuracy +5
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −4

The W-Task of the weapon is 10 prokills. You will gain a pre-customisation styled Mepro MOR sight. This will decease recoil, increase accuracy and decrease mobility. The old yellow-dot Mepro MOR reflex is large, obstructive and not user friendly. Nonetheless it still is a welcomed improvement over its jumpy iron sights & much more tolerable muzzle flash. It will also grant access to the customization tree of the RPD. See Degytarev (RPD)/Customization for more information.


  • The RPD had a "CW" and a crosshair scribbled on the back of the ironsight.
  • There is a bug that lets the glow mark of the iron sight be always at the same position, even when the gun gets reloaded.


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