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"Desert Tech DT MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is a new bull-pup assault rifle. Base version uses 7.62x51mm ammunition and equipped with 20-round magazine and EXPS2-2 holosight."


The DesertTech MDR is a tier 5 premium assault rifle.


With a good accuracy, a high damage-penetration model of a DMR while having relatively low recoil and higher mobility than most assault rifles, the DT-MDR is a exceptional rifle that combines some of the best characteristics of assault rifles into a lightweight package that remains viable even without any skill point invested. Pre-installed by default with a thermal-friendly EoTech EXPS2-2 holographic sight, the DT-MDR is an adequate choice for players with an aggressive assault playstyle. All of these outstanding factors make the DT-MDR one of the most popular assault rifle in the game, normal and Hardcore mode alike.


"DesertTech MDR equipped with a silencer"


The W-Task of the DesertTech MDR is 40 doublekills. By achieving that, it will be renamed to the MDR Silenced and will be equipped with a silencer. This will increase the weapon's accuracy and lower recoil for lower mobility and damage. The silencer will keep you off radar when firing.

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