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"Marksmen version of M14. Balanced, fitted with the HAMR optics and SWR Spectre silencer - an excellent tool for accurate operations at medium and long ranges."


The EBR Marksman is a premium tier 3 assault rifle.


The EBR Marksman, while classified as an assault rifle in the game, is a modernized rifle version of the M14 semi-automatic carbine packing an impressive damage, penetration and excellent range that would rival many semi-automatic sniper rifle. However, it has a very high rate of fire for a semi-automatic rifle and moderate recoil, giving it the ability to quickly make follow-up shots effortlessly. 

Upon purchase, the HAMR optic sight and a Spectre silencer will be equipped by default, which are very useful for avoiding detection in close quarters. Comparing to the HAMR optic on other weapons, however, the HAMR on the Mk14 EBR Marksman has a very large and comfortable field-of-view which strikes an advantageous balance between ease of aiming and zoom power. The only drawbacks of this rifle are the relatively slow mobility and the significantly more sluggish and time-consuming weapon-changing animation between the rifle to pistol, which may be highly detrimental in close combat situations when the ability to switch to pistol quickly during emergencies is crucial. 

In comparison to it's automatic variant, the Marksman packs higher damage, penetration, accuracy, range and far less recoil, sacrificing mobility and rate of fire. 

The Mk14 EBR Marksman does not have a W-Task. 

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