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Evac is a map in Contract Wars.


The map features an abandoned base with a few cars and trucks and some buildings as well as a helipad with a crashed helicopter in it. There is a destroyed house and two intact buildings, one being a garage, one being some kind of warehouse.


Evac2, the redesigned version of Evac, is a new map in Contract Wars since the 1.35 update.


After the following events in 2018-2019, this map is redesigned to take place on the same place as evac but in daylight, so this map is a great choice for fellow players to be able to look very good. Following its events, this map is one awesome and cool map in the CW universe.


Many players are already complaining since the update, no matter what, a Kongregator main_gi listed it as the messed up old classics in the forums.

Evac and Evac2 differences

  • Evac and Evac2 are the same place, but Evac takes place in the evening and Evac2 takes place in the daylight.
  • Evac doesn't have a top bridge at the top of BEAR base, but in Evac2 there is one.
  • Evac2 took place in 2019-2020 (not likely) and Evac took place in 2018-2019.
  • The helicopters in both Evac and Evac2 are different as Evac has a bigger helicopter and on Evac2 the helicopter is significantly smaller


  • Evac has paper with a trollface lying on the bottom of the vertical standing pipe next to the Hangar. If you fall into the pip you can't get out anymore and you have to be killed.



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