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"Famous Belgian pistol designed for special ammo. Has an improved ergonomics, low recoil and 30-round extended magazine."


The FN 5-7 is a tier 5 handgun.


The FN 5-7, also known as the "Five seveN", is a pistol with very high accuracy, low recoil, moderate damage, high penetration, a fast fire-rate, moderate mobility, a fast reload speed, a very large magazine size, very high ammunition reserves, and very good effective distance (offset somewhat by its high damage fall-off).

Notably, the FN 5-7 carries 30 rounds within each magazine, with six magazines in total (without Skills), giving it the highest total ammunition capacity of all side-arms in the game, as well as the highest individual magazine capacity alongside the Glock 18, which features only four magazines in total. Note that the FN 5-7 can only utilize the semi-automatic firing mode.

Overall, the FN 5-7 is a very reliable and very powerful weapon. Though its power isn't immediately obvious, it is capable of achieving several kills with only one magazine, and many more kills with its very high ammunition reserves. Its fast reload speed gives it a significant edge over most other side-arms with large magazines. However, the lack of fully-automatic fire means that the weapon must be used with precision and careful positioning.


The FN 5-7's damage, fire-rate, magazine capacity, and reserve ammunition are very similar to those of the OTs-33 Pernach, a premium automatic pistol from Set 3. The main advantage of the OTs-33 Pernach is its ability to fire in fully-automatic mode. Otherwise, the FN 5-7 performs slightly better overall, most notably featuring higher mobility, a faster reload speed, and more effective distance. Notably, the FN 5-7 has access to optics in Weapon Customization, whereas the OTs-33 Pernach doesn't.

As it stands, the FN 5-7 is one of the few side-arms from Set 5, Set 6, or Spec Set which has access to Weapon Customization. This gives it a considerable advantage currently, though this might change in the future if other high-level side-arms are granted Weapon Customization.




The W-Task of the FN 5-7 is 35 doublekills. It will unlock the Gemtech 9 silencer, customization, and rename the gun to Five-seveN Silenced.


The FN 5-7 can be customized with collimators, optics, muzzle-breaks, silencers, and tactical devices.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Old School Achievement.pngOld School600 kills with pistols5500 CRLogo.png
Dark Star Achievement.pngDark StarClassified7500 CRLogo.png


  • Having the "Basic IPSC Training For Pistols" skill will raise the 5-7's accuracy to 100, even without any attachments.
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