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"Assault rifle made by FN Herstal, also known as Mk 17 Mod 0. Heavy 7.62mm modification with ergonomic angle grip, AN PEQ 15 module and Aimpoint CompM4 collimator sight."


The FN SCAR-H is a CR Assault Rifle from Set 6.

The FN SCAR-H uses 7.62 NATO rounds instead of the usual 5.56 NATO rounds. It is the heavier variant of its cousin, the FN Scar-L, having more accuracy, damage, and penetration.


The FN SCAR-H features very high accuracy, very low recoil, high damage, moderate penetration, a moderate fire-rate, a very fast reload speed, low mobility, very low damage fall-off, a very good effective distance, a low magazine size of 20 rounds, and a low amount of reserve ammunition.

If the player has fully-customized their FN SCAR-H, and has also Unbroken it, then it can suffice as their main assault rifle all the way up to Level 70. It is a very reliable weapon due to its high accuracy and low recoil.

Performance Analysis

The FN SCAR-H is one of the best assault rifles in the game, whether compared to CR or GP weapons. With very high accuracy, very low recoil, very low damage fall-off, and a very good effective distance, the FN SCAR-H features performance aspects from both assault rifles and designated marksman rifles; it is technically classified as a battle rifle (a heavy assault rifle).

The performance downsides of the FN SCAR-H are that it has low mobility and a low magazine size (as well as low ammo reserves); it also has a much slower fire-rate (but much higher damage) than several assault rifles, such as the M4A1 Custom. However, these downsides are not very significant if the weapon is being used as a marksman weapon. With a very fast reload speed, the FN SCAR-H can replenish its ammo very quickly, though it doesn't have too much reserve ammunition.

The FN SCAR-H comes equipped with the Aimpoint COMPM4 collimator and Noveske KX3 flash-hider by default, which are both some of the best attachments available. The W-Task of the FN SCAR-H, which is very tedious though actually quite easy (especially with the COMPM4 equipped), allows it to access the Elcan SpectreOS scope and the AN-PEQ 15 tactical device, both of which are also some of the best attachments available.

The main downsides of the FN SCAR-H are that it is very expensive to purchase and also to repair. After just one 10-minute game, the repair costs can be higher than 10,000 CR. It is recommended that the player Unbreak the weapon if they want to use it frequently. The W-Task might be worthwhile to purchase early if the player can't be bothered completing it, though it is certainly one of the easiest W-Tasks among high-tier weapons, so this isn't necessary, especially since the weapon has the COMPM4 equipped by default.

Performance Comparisons

The FN SCAR-H's closest competitors include the DesertTech MDR, 9A-91, DSA SA58 Operational Special Weapon, MK14 EBR CQB, H&K 417D, VSS Vintorez, SVU-AS, and AS VAL Kobra.


"Scar-H variant used by Navy Seals operators. Allows to work on mid-high distances without accuracy loss."


Accuracy.pngAccuracy +7
Recoil.pngRecoil −4
Mobility.pngMobility −6

To acquire the W-Task for the SCAR-H, one must achieve 500 longshots with this weapon. This then changes the weapon from the "SCAR-H" to "SCAR-H Navy Seals", attaching an Elcan Spectre 4x Optics Scope to the rifle. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the FN SCAR-H. See FN SCAR-H/Customization for more information.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivement.pngGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo.png



  • Before the SCAR-H was customizable, it had a visible muzzle flash even though the KX3 flashhider was equipped. Now, the flashhider works as intended.
  • As a CRLogo.png weapon, the SCAR-H has the most base mods already unlocked.
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