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"Russian pistol GSh-18 is considered to be one of the best in the world in its class due to the mobility and accuracy of fire, large magazine and special armor-piercing rounds. GSh-18 is the best pistol in Contract Wars."


The GSh-18 is a tier 4 premium handgun.


The GSh-18 is a pistol with potent overall statistics. It has the third-highest damage of all semi-automatic pistols, behind the TIS Desert Eagle and TT, and tied with the PMM-12. The extreme penetration of the GSh-18 is tied with the TT. It features good accuracy, low recoil, good mobility, and a moderately fast reload speed. The initial effective distance of the GSh-18 is quite good, whereas the final effective distance is not so good. The GSh-18 has a higher damage fall-off than other similar pistols but is still competent in this regard.

Unlike other high-damage side-arms, the GSh-18 features a moderately large magazine size of 18 rounds, only behind the FN 5-7 and certain fully-automatic side-arms (APS, IWI UZI PRO, OTs-33 Pernach, Glock 18), as well as a fast fire-rate, allowing it to more effectively tackle groups of opponents than the TT. The reserve ammunition supply of the GSh-18 is quite high considering how much damage it deals per shot.

The GSh-18 has no W-Task nor Weapon Customization. This gives it a significant disadvantage in comparison to other less powerful pistols.


Although many elite players consider the TT to be the best semi-automatic pistol in the game, a significant number of players instead consider the GSh-18 to be the best pistol in the game, true to its description. Unlike the TT, the GSh-18 doesn't cost 9 Skillpoints (TT + EXP boost) to unlock. Furthermore, the GSh-18 has a magazine size which is more than twice as large as the TT's, as well as a faster fire-rate. However, the biggest disadvantage of the GSh-18 in comparison to the TT is that it cannot equip a silencer (neither pistol can equip a collimator). With the Silencer Parts Alignment Skill, the TT can equip its W-Task silencer and it will lose no damage at all, giving it a significant edge over the GSh-18.


The GSh-18 has no W-Task.


The GSh-18 has no Weapon Customization.


Icon Name Description/Requirement Reward
GShAchievement.JPG GSH-18 EXPERT Make 200 HeadShots with Gsh-18 10,000 CRLogo.png
OldSchoolAchievement.JPG OLD SCHOOL Make 600 kills with pistols 5,500 CRLogo.png
MercAchievement.JPG MERC Kill 50 enemies 500 CRLogo.png
DarkStarAchievement.JPG DARK STAR Classified 7,500 CRLogo.png



  • According to the description, the GSh-18 is the best pistol in Contract Wars.
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