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Gold Points, abbreviated as GP Icon GP.png, are the currency used in Contract Wars to purchase premium features.

How to Obtain

  • Purchased with real money through the in-game transaction system.
  • Roulette.
  • Leveling up.
  • Completing gold and silver contracts.
  • Occasional holidays and events.


  • Permanently repairing a weapon purchased with CR.
  • Purchasing premium weapons.
  • Purchasing premium player and clan skills.
  • Purchasing a clan.
  • Increasing clan member capacity.
  • Purchasing weapon loadout slots.
  • Purchasing SP (50 GP per 1 SP). Up to 10 extra SP.
  • Purchasing packages.
  • Purchasing W-Tasks.
  • Unlocking weapon tiers without attaining the prerequisite level.
  • Purchasing extra roulette rolls.
  • Buying customization metalevels.
  • Skipping contracts.


It should be noted that premium weapons do not need to be repaired and will remain indefinitely at max strength.