"The world famous shortened assault rifle, used by special forces and security services around the world. Highly reliable weapon, lightweight, and compact."

- Description

The HK G36C is a Set 4 premium assault rifle.


The H&K G36C features high accuracy, low recoil, moderate damage, moderate penetration, a moderate fire-rate, high mobility, a fast reload speed, moderate damage fall-off, a good effective distance, a standard magazine size of 30 rounds, and a good amount of reserve ammunition.

The H&K G36C features a unique combination of statistics, drawing from both ultra-compact assault rifles and marksman rifles. Although its damage is subpar at all ranges, whether close, mid, or long, the H&K G36C is remarkably accurate, features a good effective distance on par with weapons like the M4A1 Custom, and is also very light. This potent combination of statistics encourages both a fast-paced and precise marksman play-style.

Notably, the H&K G36C features the best effective distance, by a significant margin, of any weapon with 70 mobility points or more.


The H&K G36C is the original model which the H&K 243 light machine gun is based on. Compared to the H&K 243 LMG, the H&K G36C is lighter, reloads faster, deals more damage per shot, has a slower fire-rate, is less accurate, and features a much smaller magazine size (30 rounds vs 100).


The W-task for the G36C is 100 doublekills. Completing it will unlock the ACOG scope and AAC SND-9 rifle silencer, as well as some attachments in the weapon customization tree.

The scope greatly improves the G36C's performance in longer-ranged battles, and the silencer offers a stealth bonus.

ACOG assault scope

Accuracy.pngAccuracy +4
Recoil.pngRecoil −3
Mobility.pngMobility −4

AAC SND-6 silencer

Damage.pngDamage −20%
Penetration.pngPenetration −30%
Mobility.pngMobility −4
Range.pngEff. Distance -20%
Noise.pngHear Dis. -90%


The HK G36C can be customized with different sights, silencers, muzzle brakes, and tactical mods. See H&K G36C/Customization for more information.

G36c customization.png



  • Because of the low damage output, completing the W-Task can be a bigger pain than for other weapons. The best way to task the G36C is to flank your enemy and burst carefully.



Contract Wars G36C Shooting Test

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