"The world famous shortened assault rifle, used by special forces and security services around the world. Highly reliable weapon, lightweight, and compact."

- Description

The HK G36C is a tier 4 premium assault rifle.


The G36C is an "average" assault rifle, having stats that are comparable to many AR's. Because it has no single outstanding statistic, many players find the G36C unfavorable, sticking to weapons with a higher damage or firerate.

However, these average stats can easily make the G36C one of the easier AR's to work with. It has a balance of accuracy, damage, and recoil, allowing it to be comfortably used without high demand of a specific skill tree.


' The W-task for the G36C is 100 doublekills. Completing it will unlock the ACOG scope and AAC SND-9 rifle silencer, as well as some attachments in the weapon customization tree.

The scope greatly improves the G36C's performance in longer-ranged battles, and the silencer offers a stealth bonus.

ACOG assault scope

AccuracyAccuracy +4
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −4

AAC SND-6 silencer

DamageDamage −20%
PenetrationPenetration −30%
MobilityMobility −4
RangeEff. Distance -20%
NoiseHear Dis. -90%


The HK G36C can be customized with different sights, silencers, muzzle brakes, and tactical mods. See H&K G36C/Customization for more information.

G36c customization



  • Because of the low damage output, completing the W-Task can be a bigger pain than for other weapons. The best way to task the G36C is to flank your enemy and burst carefully.


Contract Wars G36C Shooting Test

Contract Wars G36C Shooting Test