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"A modification of the popular MP5 submachine gun, fitted with a 4x magnifying Specter scope, an integrated silencer and a sliding butt stock. Actively used in U.S. Navy SEALs operations."


The H&K MP5SD6 is a premium submachine gun available for purchase in set 1. Every new players start out with this SMG and it is available for use for 5 days before it must be purchased.


The H&K MP5SD6 is a versatile starting SMG whose notable feature is an integrated suppressor that keep players off the radar while firing and a pre-attached old Spectre x4 scope with an ACOG-style aiming ticks. For a SMG that start with many pre-attached accessories, it has decent mobility, good reload speed and accuracy, a typical SMG damage/firerate/penetration model and slightly higher-than-average recoil. The MP5SD6 sports the best version of the Specter scope in the game with excellent zoom, clarity and informativity, however the low range of an SMG greatly hinders the usefulness of this scope at mid-range. The overall stats makes the MP5SD6 a very good weapon for rapid close-range spraying assault in tight deathmatch maps and some short-medium map like Evac and Terminal, but like most SMG it will struggle to keep up against AR, LMG, sniper and marksman rifle in large maps like Old_sawmill, although with practice veteran players can take advantage of its scope, high mobility and accuracy for longshots.

Currently there is no W-Task or customisation for this weapon. Although being a very cheap GP weapon, it does not payoff for your GP spent as much as other premium weapons later in the game.