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"HK UMP (Universale Maschinenpistole) - SMG, designed by German Heckler and Koch company in 1990 as additional weapon in MP5 family. This is .45 caliber version."


The H&K UMP45 is a premium tier 5 submachine gun.


The H&K UMP45 is just like your standard submachine gun but with a few key changes. It has good mobility, reload speed, recoil and accuracy but its key differences are its damage and fire rate. The UMP45 has higher damage and a lower fire rate than regular SMGs, making this gun unique. In close quarters the gun can easily get kills with its high damage but the lower fire rate can be an issue. The gun can also do well in medium ranges but suffers at long ranges. The only guns that can come quite close to these stats are the VSS and the 9A-91.

The H&K UMP45 is the only SMG in Contract wars that has the Leupold D-EVO WLCO sight in its last metalevel.


"UMP45 submachine gun, equipped with Osprey special silencer and Walther MRS ligh reflex sight."


The W-Task of the UMP45 is 10 triple kills. By achieving that, it will be renamed to the UMP45 Uber and will be equipped with a silencer and a reflex sight. This will increase the weapons accuracy and lower recoil for lower mobility and damage. The silencer will keep you off radar and will hide your muzzle flash when firing and the reflex sight gives a clear view of enemies.The Recent Update in Contract Wars gave this weapon Customization making it extremely effective and is possible to attach Silencers,muzzlebrakes,and Collimators. etc



  • The silencer doesn't remove any damage, but the damage Fall-off is bigger at long range.