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Hardcore mode is a semi-realistic game mode which is available for players above level 40. It is only for players who are experienced with normal mode. This can be unlocked by reaching level 40 (3-rd Level Controller) , also one can unlock it by purchasing the careerist skill Hardcore early unlock which enables them to play even the are lower level.


  • 4x More experience than normal mode, with a maximum of a 56x EXP multiplier
  • More Damage (1.7x) (Effectively reducing your HP to 58.82 compared to normal)
  • No minimap, unless a sonar or mortar beacon is deployed
  • No cross-hair
  • No health and armor indicator unless your health is below 15
  • No fluorescent markers on the iron sights of the gun
  • No friendly markers
    • Friendly fire (-200 Icon exp for teamkilling, kick after 5 team kills in one match)
  • A specialized skill tree that applies to all players on the server.
    • GIves 50 armor (only protects chest) and 1 EFD frag grenade
  • Traumas
    • Leg injury which makes you 0.3x slower, and is caused by a single large-damage bullet to the legs.
    • Arm injury which increases recoil, visually sways your view up and down, and is caused by a single large-damage bullet to the arms.
      • Gameplay-wise, the swaying does NOT affect where your bullets land; they will hit their mark in any circumstance
    • Bleeding which will always occur when the player's HP is below 10. You will gradually lose health until you die. This is also combined with the leg injury.
  • If you are close to a grenade when it explodes, your mouse sensitivity will drop for approximately 5 seconds, slowing reaction times significantly.
  • Reload drops the magazine with the ammo left in it. Ammo does NOT carry over.
  • Bullet tracers are less visible
  • Sniper optics have glare by default


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