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  • Hired Ops is the Sequel to Contract Wars.
  • The game is getting developed by AbsolutSoft, the makers of Contract Wars.
  • The client version will be different from the browser version (progress WILL NOT carry over, but will have boni for people that connect to their Facebook or other accounts over the website).
  • Improved stability, network stability and performance
  • Completely standalone
  • Redesigned and rebalanced (weapons and skill tree)
  • Improved anticheat
  • Redesigned old maps
  • Exclusive new content (maps and weapons)
  • Improved graphics
  • Mac & Linux Support (Mac support was confirmed, but still didn't happen, it is doubtful that it will happen)
  • Steam Trade and Workshop (players may be able to design custom skins)


  • Hired Ops was once called "Contract Wars 2.0 Standalone"
  • Contract Wars 2.0 Standalone was brought on Steam Greenlight by an account called Battlestate Games which later had several name changes (Battlestation Games, BSG and then AbsolutSoft)


Hired Ops on Steam

Hired Ops on Facebook

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