Medals in the game are the symbols that show up after achieving that type of kill. For example, when you achieve a DoubleKill, the DoubleKill medal will appear on the top of your screen. There are few different types of medals you can get in the game. These medals are required to appear or else an achievement or W-Task will not count.

Icon Name Description
Kill Medal Kill Achieved when killing someone
Assist Medal Assist Achieved when helping a teammate kill an enemy
Vipkill Medal VIP Kill Achieved when killing the VIP. The VIP is only available in Team Elimination game mode and will be marked with a red crown on screen and on radar. A friendly VIP will be marked with a blue crown
Headshot Medal Headshot Achieved when killing someone if you hit the head from less than 20 meters
Longshot Medal LongShot Achieved when killing someone if you hit the head from 20+ meters
DoubleHeadshot Medal Double Headshot Achieved when killing two people in the head in quick succession
Doublekill Medal DoubleKill Achieved when killing two people in quick succession
Triplekill Medal TripleKill Achieved when killing three people in quick succession
Quadkill Medal Quadkill Achieved when killing four people in quick succession
Ragekill Medal RageKill Achieved when killing five people without dying
Stormkill Medal StormKill Achieved when killing ten people without dying
Prokill Medal Prokill Achieved when killing 20 people without dying
LegendaryKill LegendayKill Achieved when killing 40 people without dying
Grenade Medal Grenade Kill Achieved when killing someone with a grenade
Sonar Medal Sonar Armstreak that is achieved when getting four kills without dying. Highlights enemies on radar when in the sonar's distance
MortalStrike Medal Mortar Strike Armstreak that is achieved when killing six players without dying. When thrown, 4 mortar shells will strike on where the marker beacon was place. The default amount of mortar shells that will be shot is 4 but with skills, you can have a maximum of 25
Suicide Medal Suicide Achieved when killing yourself. You can commit suicide by killing yourself with your grenade or by fall damage.

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