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The Knife is the only melee weapon in the game. It seems to have the property of a "One-Hit Kill".

The Knife is automatically equipped and can be deployed at any time. The deployment speed of the Knife depends upon the weapon-switch speed of the currently-equipped weapon.

The default button to swing the Knife is

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The Knife's deployment speed can be increased with the Scout Skill "Knife Training" (4 SP Icon.png, 15,000 CRLogo.png).

The Scout Skill "Scout Master" (6 SP Icon.png, 90,000 CRLogo.png) increases the EXP earned from achieving kills with the Knife by x3.


  • The Kedr has the fastest Knife deployment speed, due to the short weapon-switch animation, followed by the Glock 18.
  • HeadShots with the Knife count towards the currently-equipped weapon; this can be useful for W-Tasks and Achievements.
  • The Knife animation can be used to cancel unnecessary reloads. This is especially useful in HardCore Mode. YouTuber MarshalOne frequently utilizes this maneuver.


There are thirteen Contracts that require the Knife.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Sharp End Achievement.pngSharp End300 kills with the Knife5500 CRLogo.png
Sharp End Achievement.pngER Master75 DoubleKills with the Knife70,000 CRLogo.png

Weapons in Contract Wars
Set 1
Secondary: PMAPSRaging JudgePMM-12TIS Desert EagleGlock 17 DEVGRU

Primary: KedrH&K MP5KKAC PDWIZH-43SV-98AKS74UH&K MP5SD6TKPD StormAKMSMosin-Nagant (Mosina)PPSh-41 (Shpagina)

Set 2
Secondary: H&K USPSig Sauer P226RGlock 18Tanfoglio Thor .500

Primary: Benelli M3 Mod 2FN SCAR-LRPK-74Bizon-2BQBU-88SR3MTKPD SniperMK14 EBR CQBGold-plated AKMSColt IAR

Set 3
Secondary: Springfield Operator TRPH&K USP MatchOTs-33 PernachSawed-Off IZH-43

Primary: MP-133M40A6AUG A3H&K 416cSR2M VereskMagpul PDR-CEBR MarksmanDT SRS Mk.2AS VAL KobraH&K 417DH&K 243DT MDR-C

Set 4
Secondary: Beretta 92twoColt Python EliteGSh-18

Primary: Saiga 12KSVD-SM4A1 CustomKelTec RFBSkorpion EVOH&K MP7KelTec KSGDT SRSH&K G36CAK-74KRISS Vector

Set 5
Secondary: S3000 SphinxYaryigin GrachBeretta EnforcerFN 5-7

Primary: VSS VintorezAK-105RPKTFN P909A-91AWM-FAEK-971AK-12ACR-CDT MDRH&K UMP45

Set 6
Secondary: S&W Stealth HunterFN FNP-45TColt M1911A1

Primary: SVU-ASFranchi SPAS-12FN SCAR-HDegytarev (RPD)IWI X95-RAN-94 (Abakan)SKS CarbineFN P90 DEVGRUOrsis T-5000Noveske Diplomat 7.5DSA SA58 OSWSig Sauer MPX

Spec Set
Secondary: TTIWI UZI PRO

Primary: H&K MP5SD SpecVikhlopPP-19-01 Vityaz-SNAS VAL MOD.3 SpecSaiga Full Auto (FA)PKP Pecheneg

Melee: KnifeBonus: GrenadeArm-Streak: SonarMortarEnvironmental: Beacon
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