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Lighthouse is a map taking place on an island with a lighthouse on it.


The map contains BEAR and USEC spawns on opposing sides of a central lake (control points mode), or several spawnpoints across the entire map (other modes). The most prominent features around the island are a lighthouse in the Northwest corner, an abandoned radar station in the North, and an overpass with a pipeline near it in the South. The terrain provides little cover besides rocks and greenery. Popular sniper spots are located atop the lighthouse, inside the radar, and around a large rock formation in the west.

Lighthouse is the largest map in the game, and therefore the one with the most sniper players. It is also the map where Vikhlop players are most often seen, and the one with the worst possible stacking1.


1 A "stack" is a game in which one team has a large amount of professional players with advanced weapons, while the other has a group of poor-performance players, largely incapable of so much as shooting a bullet before dying again.