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Weapon Customization is available for 68 out of the game's total 99 weapons.

The developers have been gradually adding WC to more and more weapons over the past few years. Around four to six weapons receive WC in every update.

The 31 weapons which do not feature Weapon Customization often feature default weapon modifications or are able to unlock a select few weapon modifications from their W-Tasks.

List of Customizable Weapons

This is a list of all Customizable weapons in Contract Wars.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Spec Set

APS H&K USP Springfield Operator TRP Beretta 92two S3000 Sphinx Smith&Wesson Stealth Hunter PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN

TIS Desert Eagle

Sig Sauer P226R OTs-33 Pernach Colt Python Elite FN 5-7 SVU-AS AS VAL MOD.3 Spec
Kedr Glock 18 MP-133 Saiga 12K VSS Vintorez Franchi SPAS-12
H&K MP5K Tanfoglio Thor .500 AUG A3 SVD-S AK-105 FN SCAR-H
KAC PDW FN SCAR-L H&K 416c M4A1 Custom RPKT Degytarev (RPD)
SV-98 RPK-74 SR2M Veresk KelTec RFB FN P90 IWI X95-R
AKS74U Bizon-2B Magpul PDR-C Skorpion EVO 9A-91 SKS Carbine
TKPD Storm QBU-88 EBR Marksman H&K MP7 AWM-F Orsis T-5000
AKMS SR3M AS VAL Kobra H&K G36C AEK-971 Noveske Diplomat 7.5
Colt IAR H&K 417D AK-74 AK-12 DSA SA58 Operational Special Weapon
H&K 243 KRISS Vector ACR-C Sig Sauer MPX
DT MDR-C DesertTech MDR


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