"Shortened assault modification of the M-14 rifle - Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.  Powerful rifle round and good accuracy make this gun an unique weapon."


The MK14 EBR CQB rifle is a tier 2 premium assault rifle.


The MK14 EBR CQB is a strong and versatile carbine that features a moderate rate of fire, high damage, and good accuracy. The EBR usually delivers a two-shot-kill potential in close range situations, and combining with its full auto function makes the gun a capable weapons for most situation. The ranged performance of the EBR, however, is medium due to the highest recoil of all automatic weapon even when comparing to its relative marksman version, the EBR Marksman. Thus, it is highly advisable to burst in two shots or go semi-automatic with this rifle at long range. With the introduction of the H&K 417D rifle, however, the rifle becomes greatly overshadowed, for its statistic is inferior to the H&K 417d in almost every respect include a much lower reload speed, despite the similar purchase price.


The MK14 EBR currently doesn't have a W-Task


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo
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