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"PKP is a Russian heavy machine gun made from PKM by TSNIITOCHMASH firm. Actively used by FSB spetsnaz forces in counter-terrorism operations. Very powerful SPEC weapon for destroyer class."


The PKP Pecheneg is the unique heavy machine gun of the destroyer skill tree.


As a SPEC weapon earned from the destroyer skill tree, PKP is the single most powerful automatic weapon in the game that possesses the highest damage among the assault rifles and LMGs, along with a sniper-grade range and superb penetration. Loaded with a high capacity 100-round magazine, high accuracy, relatively low recoil for its caliber size and good firerate, the PKP Pecheneg is designed simply to easily terminate targets at all range.

However, these exceptional characteristics are balanced out by the lowest reload and mobility out of any machine guns, requiring the players to adopt a flexible camping playstyle, with occasional switching of positions using the higher mobility of secondary weapons. It is highly recommended to use this weapon in mid-long ranged maps and avoid close quarter maps where high mobility primary weapons would reign.




The W-Task of the PKP is 15 Stormkills. Finishing it will give players an extra magnifier for the holographic sight, providing small amount of extra zoom, better accuracy and lower recoil while significantly reducing mobility. 


  • Due to it's low mobility and reload speed it is mostly recommended to camp rather than going straight into a firefight.
  • It is not recommended using PKP w-task as it knocks off 7 points of mobility and also making the sight bounce quite a lot when firing.
  • It has the highest range for any machine gun so firing at mid to long ranges is not a problem for PKP.


  • Even though its ejection port is located in the left side, it still ejects emptied shells from right side.
  • This is the only machine gun to have mobility base stat of 3 points. It is also the only machine gun to have reload base stat of 1 point.


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