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"SMG made from AK-105 chambered with 9x19 Para ammunition. It has improved ergonomics by using Zentico custom modifications and double magazine. Actively used bu Russan FSB special forces."


The PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN SMG is a unique weapon set Spec submachine gun.


The Vityaz is a second generation SMG designed after the largely obscured PP-19 Bizon with enhanced characteristic. The VItyaz is a well rounded weapon which has the second highest effective range after the Magpul PDR-C SMG (compact assault rifle in real life). Some of it's outstanding characteristics include the highest accuracy of all SMG, phenomenally low recoil, good damage at an average firerate, relatively high mobility and the exceptional assault-rifle-grade penetration.

However, the most distinctive feature of this version of the Vityaz is the use of double magazine, which will cut reload speed in half when switching to the second magazine of the double magazine allowing for a very aggressive playstyle when combined with the weapon's statistic, leaving little downtime. Also, with both assault damage skill, the Vityaz minimum damage will be raised to 10, giving it the ability to kill most targets at 1-2 headshots at all range in normal mode.

The combo of great accuracy, low recoil, high mobility, fast reload, and decent damage is balanced by average firerate and relatively obstructive visual recoil due to bright flash. The Vityaz is the second cheapest primary Spec weapon while giving the users the capacity to compete anywhere, which should serve any class well with it's versatility.


To unlock weapon task, you must achieve 50 Doublekills. The W-Task reward for this gun is a PBS-2 silencer and a Micro H1 red dot sight.