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"QBU-88 (or Type 88) - Chinese marksman rifle with a bullpup design used by PLA troops and marine corps special forces (PLAMC)."


The QBU-88 is a tier 2 assault rifle.


The QBU-88 is the first semi-automatic long-range CR rifle available to the players that bridge the gap between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. The accuracy is relative high on this weapon, only four points behind the other excellent rifle, the Dragunov SVD-S. This make the QBU-88 a very viable weapon for hipfiring while standing, providing the users crucial field-of-view advantage over other CR weapons in the first two tiers of weapon sets.

It features above average damage and penetration, most of the time killing in 2-3 shots to the body with a very good range, making it perhaps the most effective mid-range CR weapon in the first two weapon tiers. The recoil, both visual and statistical, are manageable with proper triggering discipline. The fire rate is moderate for a semi-automatic rifle, and the mobility is average. For its performance, the price of this weapon and repairing cost is reasonable, although the unbreak price is relatively high.

The iron sights are obstructive, so unlocking the W-Task as soon as possible is typically a good plan of action. The QBU has weapon customization and can be fitted with different scopes and suppressors/muzzle brakes.




To unlock the W-Task of the QBU-88 one must achieve 150 longshots. That will unlock customization, a Leopold Mark 4 Scope and KX3 Flashhider, and rename the weapon to QBU-88 PLAMC. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the QBU-88. See QBU-88/Customization for more information.

  • Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T assault scope

"Assault optics with 4x magnification."

AccuracyAccuracy +7
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −5
  • Noveske KX3 flashhider

"Tactical flashhider-burner. Fully conceals muzzleflash."


RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −1
RangeEff. Distance
NoiseHear Dist. -10%
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