Roulette is a feature that becomes available at rank 10. The roulette wheel can be accessed via the start menu located next to the packages and w-tasks buttons. Every day, players rank 10 and above receive three free attempts. Further attempts are purchasable for 15 GP per attempt.


The roulette wheel has 12 available prizes. Attempting the roulette wheel may give you resources as in cr, gp, sp or mp; camoflagues for your customisable weapons; a random premium weapon or rentable skill for 6hours (excluding already obtained weapons/skills and special weapons); another roll or a bonus of +75% free gp on the next purchase within 48hours. The CR prizes scale depending on player level.

Icon Prize Approximate Percentage
CR Minor
Minor amounts of CRLogo(your level x 70) 26.66%
Major CR
Great amounts of CRLogo(your level x 700) 9.66%
Skill Wheel
One random premium skill for 6 hours 4.66%
Weapon Wheel
One random premium weapon for 6 hours 4.66%
15 GP
30 Icon GP 1.66%
30 GP
100Icon GP 0.166%
SP Wheel
1 SP Icon <0.1
1 MP
Black Division Wheel
1,000,000 CRLogo <0.01
A random camouflage for any gun


  • There was a prize players can get from the roulette called +5 LP. LP (League Points) is for the matchmaking ratings that haven't been implemented into the game yet. This prize is no longer available.
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