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"7.62mm Dragunouv sniper rifle with folding stock is a modified version of old SVD rifle. It was adopted in 1995 for Russian airborne."


The SVD-S is a tier 4 Sniper Rifle.


The SVD-S is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has high accuracy, below-average damage for a sniper, moderate recoil, slow fire rate, and decent mobility and reload speed. The gun has very good range but since it does not have a scope standard it can be hard to use at very long ranges and will suffer in close quarters combat. The iron sights are also very obtrusive, especially when aiming at targets far away.

The SVD-S can be used like a semi-automatic AR, similar to the RFB. It is great for VIP kills too, combining the high damage and precision of a sniper rifle with the fire rate and iron sights of a semiautomatic weapon, without the disadvantage of an optic scope's tunnel vision.


"SVD-S equipped with PSO sniper scope."


Accuracy.pngAccuracy +7
Recoil.pngRecoil −4
Mobility.pngMobility −6

By Achieving 100 longshots, you unlock a PS0-1 scope for the sniper rifle. It lowers mobility for a little less recoil and more accuracy. With the PSO the SVD-S becomes a lot easier to use at range. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the SVD-S. See SVD-S/Customization for more information.

Tasking the SVD-S is merely a matter of time. To task it, play on maps with wide open areas, like Old Sawmill or Site. If you are impatient, wait until you win the W-Task Specialist skill on roulette, or rent it.



Achievements you can acquire while using this weapon.

Icon Name Description/Requirement Reward
Angel of Death Achievement.PNG Angel of Death Make 700 LongShots with Sniper Rifle 8,000 CRLogo.png
Angel of Death II Achievement.PNG Angel of Death II Make 3500 LongShots with Sniper Rifle 35,000 CRLogo.png
Sniper Achievement.PNG Sniper Make 100 double kills with sniper rifles 25,000 CRLogo.png

Contract Wars SVD-S Shooting Test

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