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Slifer322's tips

First of all, I am not really a skilled player, I have just had enough experiance with the game to be able to give some advice.

1) Try to have variation in the squad. This cannot be said enough, on the old sawmill in particular, you will find about 3-6 people using sniper rifles, battle rifles, and carbines. This causes the game to degenerate into a sniper war of who has the premium snipers. It is simply not fun.

2) Do not hide, it is almost as if people know where you are at all times, sometimes you can flank them by hiding in a corned, but for the most part you will die from camping.

3) Invest in multiple classes in the beginning, do not make the mistake I did by dedicating to one class. The assault class is very versatile and worth spending sp in and so is the sniper. Others are based on what you want.

4) Armor does make a difference but it is slight. As of now I have 20 armor point and I still die in one hit. Armor might not be worth it all together.

5) Sometimes you have to spend money. If you are constantly facing against one shot kills and gold weapons, you may need to fight fire with fire, but I do not advise it until a last resort.

6) Stay away from the action, if you go there, there is a fair chance of death.

7) Avoid the line of sight for snipers, flank them or charge them, most of the time sniper rifles won't help them against an assault rifle.

8) All weapons can be used at long ranges, including shotguns. Try using single shot or burst fire and it could take you far.

9) Work on W-tasks that give a better optic, it is the most important attachment.

10) Teamwork is key, but people will not listen. Try having friends join the server and then attempt to use 3rd party voice chat, typing is impractical and the enemy can't listen in on a third party chat server.

11) Very important. When you have an advantage, it means that you are at a disadvantage. Basically it means that when you are behind someones back, someone else is behind you.