• Hi Zocker, please review this account:

    This individual has edited a page for his own selfish benefits and when I refuted him, he went on to edit my own profile page. Thank you.

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    • Image proof before I revert the change to my profile:

      EDIT: I've made the changes, but are you able to protect my profile from edits? I have no doubt that he'll do it again. Thank you.

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    • First: Sorry for answering so late.

      I don't really understand which of his edits (in the article namespace) are for "own selfish benefits", besides the edit on the HK G36C, but I've looked through the version history of your profile page, and I think it's proof enough to block this guy for some time.

      If you don't want to edit your profile page any time soon, I can also protect it from editing, but be aware that this will mean that you yourself won't be able to edit it either (as far as I know). Though I think that's unnecessary, since he hasn't edited it again in seven days. But if you want your profile write-protected, I can do that.

      Aside from all that, please refrain from calling people "retarded", no matter what they say, write or do.

      TheZocker (Talk)
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    • I understand. Thank you. I'll refrain from insulting anyone else again. And no, I don't think protecting my page anymore is necessary since it doesn't seem like anyone will be editing it anytime soon. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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