• Hey Zocker, I understand that you are busy - Wikis are not jobs, they are helpful guides. However, some of these pages are "protected" and many of us are unable to edit, leaving them with occaisionally outdated and obsolete [redundant] information. If it is possible, could you un-protect these pages, at least so most of us editters can edit, and maybe add a few more admins/mods?


    -Col J McClane

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    • Sure. At the moment, I don't play CW at all, so I can't really update any of them, but I'll go through the list of protected pages and see which of them I can unlock. And although I'm more or less inactive (as an editor) at the moment, I'll still try to log in regularly to see if there are messages on my profile.

      TheZocker (Talk)
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    • Aside from the Main Page, all articles should be editable by registered users now.

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    • Alright, thanks mate. Appreciate it alot.

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    • A FANDOM user
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