• I'm still regularly seeing people in servers, but there aren't too many people playing at any one time. Certainly, there are enough players to make the game "playable". There are even some noobs! But servers are mostly filled with highly-skilled players, even at the low ranks, and this makes it really hard to get Storm Kills or anything higher than that.

    Also, the Wiki is much more dead than the actual game. There is hardly anyone hanging around the Wiki.

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    • I honestly have no clue, haven't played in ages, but I'd reckon the game's stone dead. I've no clue what state the spin-off, Escape From Tarkov, is in, but Contract Wars user activity has been steadily declining ever since browser support had to be shut down and the wiki has followed suit. I tried to play more again a while ago but that didn't last long, so I honestly can't tell how active people are these days.

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