The King of Spiders

aka Mort Gage hehehehehe

  • I live in Brennenburg castle
  • My occupation is Occupating
  • I am Male
Usp tasked


User: HeadlesHorsemann

Level: 45

Skill: Medium

Temper: Small

Ducks?: Heck yes

Best Friends: Thorstein (not playing) Tuga PT (not playing) Shuffling Razor (not playing) Century Tactics (operating) Lufix (operating) locof 11 (operating)

Other Friends:Savsal14 (operating)

My top 10 favorite Wtasks

  • IZH Red Dot
  • Python Elite
  • M4A1 SpecOps
  • Kac Silenced
  • APB
  • USP Osprey
  • Scar -L Optics
  • MP133 Tac
  • Operator SOCOM
  • Benelli Silenced
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