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Hello there! My name is Necro and I have been on this community for two years now. Along the way, I worked on the english version of the game's wiki and soon enough I got promoted to admin, along with TheZocker, to run it after Glock moved on. But I have also moved on. With the lack of fixes basic game mechanics and lack of communication from the developers and better games out there. Enough of the BS, let's get to the point.

Up for Hire

So now that I have lost your attention, there are only two admins and most pages are locked, I am looking for admins. There are several things you need to fufill to be an admin.

  1. You have to be a reigstered user on Wikia.
  2. You have to have more than 20 edits on the wiki (I will verify if they are real edits)
  3. A pssion for this game and a willingness to edit on the wiki.

There will be 3 positions available.


I will make this same post on the Kongergate weapon it self, which can be found here .

If want a position, please messege me on Kongergate or reply on my local messege wall.