The year 2015 draws to a close, and soon it'll be time for New Year's resolutions. Thus, I hereby ask for feedback regarding my work as admin. If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions for me: I'm all ears! If you want to tell me what I should improve, or maybe even thank me, that's the right place.

I think I am accountable to you, the wiki's community, so here's a little report of what I did and what I am planning to do next year:

Changes I've made this year

I've introduced a bunch of new templates, such as CR, Achievements, PremiumPrice, Description and others. I created a bot account, that updated most of the weapon's pages with new infoboxes, fixed most of the broken links to pages beginning with "HK" / "H&K" and tagged pages as "Stub", "Underlinked", "Orphan" or "Dead End".

What I plan to do next year

One of the things I plan to do next years is to rename all the "Screenshot-Date-Time.png"-like images. ACR Holosight Overpass.png is a way better name than Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.41.30 AM.png, isn't it?

I'd also like to clean up the unused, broken and double redirects and achieve complete customization pages for every customizable weapon. Maybe unify the order of sections on weapons pages, as the order of "Gallery", "Trivia" and "Achievements" differs from page to page.

TheZocker (Talk)
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