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"Yaryigin pistol was adopted in Interior Ministry Forces to replace PM pistol. It actively used by various law enforcement units of the Russian Federation and equipped with special ammunition 7N31 with armor-piercing core."


The Yaryigin Grach is a tier 5 handgun.


The Grach is a good sidearm. It features above slightly average accuracy and firerate, a fast reload and a good mobility, but also has a high recoil. It has clear iron sights, and it's relatively big magazine allows easy doublekilling.


"Yaryigin pistol, equipped with a silencer for quiet operations."


Achieving 10 DoubleKills with the Yaryigin Grach will unlock the W-Task. The Yaryigin Grach with its W-Task equipped is renamed to the Grach Saboteur, which has a PBS silencer.



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Old School Achievement.pngOld School600 kills with pistols5500 CRLogo.png
Shadowgunner Achievement.pngShadowgunner200 headshots with silenced weapons3000 CRLogo.png
Merc Achievement.pngMercKill 50 enemies500 CRLogo.png
Dark Star Achievement.pngDark StarClassified7500 CRLogo.png
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